Monday, May 4, 2015

Coffee table and gun storage cabinet for sale.  Made of Red Oak.  Stained with Golden Oak and finished in a Satin Finish.  The coffee table stores 5 rifles and is designed to look like a nice coffee table for your house,  the lid locks for security.  Asking price $750.00

This is our bedroom set that I made a few years ago.  This is made of Cherry wood and left as a natural finish. 

Other items that I have made.  The top is large clock made of Aspen, Mahogany, and Walnut.  Next is a  small display case for my mother's antique dishes.  The third is a built-in bookcase in our basement.  The bottom is my wife's china hutch. 

This is a gun storage cabinet that I made.  It has room for 5 gun in the top.  The top has a soft close mechanism and locks closed for security.  It has two full extension drawers that are rated to hold up to 100 pounds each.  It is made of Red Oak, stained, and finished with satin finish. 

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Family room updates

 Several months ago I decide that we needed a stand for our family room that would hold our DVD player and cable box and sound system.  I knew that if I wanted it to work right I needed to build it.  I decided to build it out of Alder wood and finish it in a light color.  Alder has more of a casual or rustic look to it which seemed to fit better in the family room.  The room has no windows, which is great to TV viewing, but which also requires light colored furniture.  The TV stand has a false back where all the cords can hang in so they are not crammed up behind the cabinet.  I thought this was a clever idea.  You cannot see it in the pictures, but there are no cords hanging down behind the stand.   When I finished the stand, all the other mismatched pieces of furniture that we had collected as hand me down items looked terrible.  I decided we needed a quilt rack to display the quit we received as a gift several years ago.  Then we needed a serving stand to hold food when we have movie parties or such.  We use to use a large round table that someone gave us.  Then I noticed that the coffee table that someone gave us needed to go, so I made a new table.  Then I saw that we needed a cedar chest to hole all the blankets that people use to snuggle up in when they are watching TV.  We put glass on the table and serving stand to protect the finish.  When I finished these projects I noticed that we had a conglomeration of frames for our children’s senior pictures and our family pictures.  So new matching frames had to be built to match the furniture we had in the family room.  So it is now complete.